The first step in the rental of the Civic Center is a quote for your event. Questions we’ll ask to determine approximate cost:

1. Are you familiar with the building?

If so, do you want to rent the entire facility (14,118 sq ft)?

The front only (3,482 sq feet – holds up to 150 people)?

Or the back room (7,732 sq ft – holds up to 600 people)?

2. Do you need the kitchen?

The stage?

Security? (We require security for groups of 300+ where alcohol is served).

3. Will you be serving alcohol?

If so, just wine and beer?

Or also liquor? (Liquor requires a special one-time ABC permit.)

4. Will you need the building the day before or after for any reason?

5. Have you checked out our Civic Center Fee Schedule?

To obtain a quote, contact us at:
swansborociviccenter@gmail.com  or 910.326.6175