Do you rent the Civic Center to the public?

Yes! Absolutely.

Is my date available?

Contact us at: swansborociviccenter@gmail.com or 910.326.6175

Do I need to rent the entire facility or just one room for my group?

For groups of 150 or fewer, the front room (Assembly Hall) is usually sufficient, providing plenty of space without feeling overwhelming.

For larger groups, either the back room (Exhibition Hall) or the entire facility are great choices.

What’s the actual layout?

The front room (Assembly Hall) is perfect for most functions, including weddings and receptions. It measures 3,482 square feet, and the small meeting room immediately adjacent is approximately 560 square feet.

The back room (Exhibition Hall) measures 7,732 square feet and is perfect for larger events such as oyster roasts, pig pickings, and business expos. We also offer a stage and stage setup (at competitive cost) for use in the back room.

The entire facility measures 14,118 square feet and is rentable as well.

Our commercial kitchen is available for your use (at competitive cost).

Check out the Civic Center Layout.

 What “extras” are included?

We include white chairs and white tables with all rentals at no charge.

For additional, very competitive fees, we also offer:

  • Kitchen access
  • Stage use and set up
  • Security fees

We also offer discounts in select cases.

How much does it cost to rent the Civic Center?

Our fees are competitive with facilities of comparable size and features.

Visit the Quotes page to see the questions that we’ll ask to generate a quote for your event.

Check out the Civic Center Fee Schedule.

Contact us at: swansborociviccenter@gmail.com  or 910.326.6175

I’d like to rent the Civic Center. What do I do next?

Check out the Forms page to view our rental packet.

It includes our contract, usage guidelines, and the fine details. Then please either email us at swansborociviccenter@gmail.com or call us directly at 910.326.6175, and we’ll guide you through the process.

What’s your contact info?

Email: swansborociviccenter@gmail.com 

Phone: 910.326.6175